Say what?!?

Have you ever accidentally leaked a little urine when you were working out, laughing or when you sneezed? (Be honest)! Surprisingly an estimated 1 in 3 women over the age of 18 experience episodes of involuntary urine leakage! Yes, ma'am, ONE in THREE and it happens during normal, daily activities like lifting something heavy, laughing, coughing or sneezing. Sound familiar?

Most of us are simply “dealing with it,” because we are too busy or too embarrassed to do something about it. The trouble with ignoring the problem is you could actually make things worse! Pushing through this bothersome issue by simply putting up with it could potentially result in prolapsed organs which can lead to invasive and painful injections or surgeries at some point. We deserve more.

An Idea Was Born

Thirty something leaky lady and mother of three, Allison Conti, felt led to develop an over the counter option for urine leakage after giving birth to an absolutely beautiful 11.004 lb. baby and having a debilitating incontinence issue herself!!!  Click the link below to read about her story.

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What's the big idea?

Imagine having the freedom to lace up your sneakers and live an active life without having to worry about leaking or having an odor or wetness.  Imagine the comfort of using an over the counter product in your home, without painful surgeries and invasive therapies. 

Yōni.Fit is a 100% medical grade silicone, flexible, intravaginal, easy to use product. Women have been using tampons for decades! How awesome is it that now we have something just as easy for urine leakage?! A feasibility study was conducted at OU Health Sciences Center and Yōni.Fit size small was proven to work for the participants in the study that leaked urine! 

It does its thing by applying a painless amount of pressure on your urinary sphincter.  The result is that you don't have to worry about an odor, pad or wetness because you're not leaking urine!!  Since it's inserted into the vagina similarly to a tampon you do NOT have to remove it to pee! Brilliant? We think so!

Want to know more?

benjamin-m-brucker-hero-crop.jpg#asset:77Dr. Benjamin Brucker, Assistant Professor of Urology + Gynecology & Obstetrics, NYU - "Top Urologist" - Leading Physicians of the world.

“This is a product that will empower millions of American women to start to taking control of their lives.  Many active women develop urinary incontinence, and for years have been suffering in silence because the treatments can be perceived as intimidating or invasive.  The beauty of the Yōni.Fit is the solution is literally right around the corner, or just a click away.  No need to talk about embarrassing leakage, take time off of work or undergo testing, just insert and live your life... dry.” - Dr. Brucker

If you would like to know more about the company developing the product, click on the link below to check out the corporate website.

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Be brave, share your story!

If you’re a leaky lady and willing to tell your story, we would love to hear from you! You can join our campaign to soften the subject of urine leakage and get back to loving our bodies! For some women, urine leakage is an embarrassing, depressing and can even be a debilitating issue, while for others it's simply a nuisance. Either way, let’s join together to support one another! By sharing your story with us, you could also have a chance to get a free Yōni.Fit once it’s licensed to market. Your story will not be shared publicly without your consent!

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